Explanatory documents

European context and situations of partners countries

The workplace active ageing culture is part of the European strategy 2020 framework for increasing the employment rate, especially for older workers. Nevertheless, it must take in account the demographic, economic and social realities that may differ from one state to another. The project partners are facilitators in the implementation of public policies. They adjust them to companies ‘needs and they accompany the implementation of suitable managerial practices. In doing this the partners rely on the work expertise of companies in the area of health and security, skills development, valorisation of experience, promotion of diversity and gender professional equality.


Information resources

The project partners have selected a cluster of websites in their own language at European level and in each of the 5 members States. These websites offer downloadable best practice tools and guides for consultation by employers and managers.


National and Transnational expertise

The design process included several iterative steps between territorial and transnational partners to build up and validate the tool contents and products. In continuity with our principles for action we have included companies, human resource managers and line managers in designing and validating this tool.